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The development of a company and the advancement of a project; they all first establish a framework and determine logic


The development of a company and the advancement of a project are all about setting up a framework and setting logic first. The general direction is no problem, it is just to find talents, and the implementation is constantly corrected and upgraded. Internet projects, in particular, iterate quickly, and it is impossible to start after everything is ready. It can only hone the team in practice, quickly review, and constantly correct errors. If you don't do it, but just talk on paper, demonstrate, and research, when you come to a conclusion, the gameplay will change again, and the day lily will be cold. Even if it is as powerful as a platform, when a new project is being aggressively advanced, it is still crossing the river by feeling the stones, doing, watching, and calculating. Competitor analysis, data comparison, innovation, and inference. Just keep doing it and it will be done. There is no correct route that has been conceived, it is all experience gained from doing it. A good team must have a strong ability to correct mistakes, and when mistakes are not fatal, they can learn from the pain and fight back! Throughout the development history of my team, at every critical point, a meeting can always set things right, and these experiences and lessons have become the cornerstone of progress.




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